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Sep 10, 2017

Lost in translation or texting in the 20th Century

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Social media, as well as texting, are integral parts of our lives nowadays. But have you ever noticed the problems it brings with it? People think they are social without being social anymore. We sit at home alone and connect with people only through our computer or phone. Is this really being social or are we getting more and more out of touch with “real” people and society? Communication has changed so much over the past years. Do we really talk anymore? Or is it easier to shoot a text? Do we realize, what gets lost in translation? The tone makes the music, right? But the tone is lost if we are only communicating through texts and Snapchats. Today we are discussing the influence of social media and modern technology on our communication skills. Join us for an entertaining look behind the curtain of texting and social media and enjoy an insight into what women drives nuts when trying to communicate with men.