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Welcome to the PinkShots Podcast for women by women.

Join Sabine and Nicole for the world of PinkShot!

Sep 25, 2017

Falling in love, dating, getting married, having kids... Isn't that how it is supposed to go? But for many people this is not the way it goes. Even if you have the best of plans, things might not work out the way, they are supposed to according to society. And who is there to tell us anyway, how it is "supposed" to be? There are plenty of different ways, life can go. Nicole has been married twice and is now back to the dating game in her 40s. Sabine is married for the second time and is super happy. And then there is our guest Jenn, who is in a stable relationship for 18 years with an 8 year old daughter and is not married. She doesn't need a marriage certificate to be happy with her life. In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of living with or without marriage license in America. Listen and enjoy a look behind the scenes of three different scenarios of a girls life.